Everyday Indicators of a Mature Man

Be Malleable

I don’t think I could convey to you how many times my friends and I have have pondered this question:

“Is the guy I like where he needs to be spiritually? He’s really cute and super nice…but I don’t want to get into a relationship that won’t be Christ-centered.”

At least for college-aged girls this is a huge deal because we are NO longer in a place where we can say to a guy after a not-so-great date, “I’m going to college soon, so there’s really no point” or “I’m not old enough to be in a relationship.”

I, and a lot of my friends, are in a place now where we really want to listen to the Lord and trust that he will bring us the person we want to marry,  in his timing. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a black and white answer. And I don’t believe…

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