It’s Okay To Smile

Our society loves bad news.  Okay, I don’t know that we love it but we love to broadcast it.  When we turn on the news at night, we’re practically guaranteed a plate full of tragedy.  When we meet up with a friend for lunch, we’re bound to hear about at least one unfortunate event that’s happened recently.  It’s just how we’re wired.

Unfortunately, the same is true within the church.  The church, as a body of believers, ironically, often lacks joy.  Some of us just take ourselves and everything around us too seriously.

We take too seriously whether our outfit is presentable enough for public.

We take what our friend said to us three weeks and two days ago too seriously.

We take too seriously whether the picture we’re in that may be posted on social media makes us look good.

We take our jobs too seriously. We take school too seriously. We take our past mistakes too seriously.  We take our futures too seriously. We take literally EVERYTHING too seriously.

If we claim to believe in Jesus, who is JOY himself, how can we take all these other, meaningless things so seriously? The Gospel itself means “Good News”.  If we’re meant to live the gospel, shouldn’t we be living GOOD news?

Good news means smiling. Good news means laughing. Good news means hugs. Good news means telling jokes. Good news means JOY. It means HAPPINESS.

Jesus created enjoyment. He created our ability to have fun. 

So lighten up, everyone. Fill your hearts with His great, great joy.


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