My Prayer for 2015


Thank you for the relationship I’m able to have with you because of your Son.  Thank you for sending Jesus to die in order to bridge the gap between You and me so that we can be in constant communication and you can ceaselessly revive my soul throughout each day. Thank you for being my Father and being so much more than my merely human self can comprehend.

You are Righteousness and forever I will praise You for making me new each morning.  Your mercies never end, and my slate is wiped clean every time You make Your beautiful sun rise. My soul finds true peace and unexplainable joy in that glorious truth.

Lord, I pray that in this year, people will KNOW this glorious truth.  It will soak in them and they will be reborn into your kingdom of mercy. They will experience that joy that comes from supernatural forgiveness and grace. They will begin each day with peace, knowing they are made NEW.

You are Sanctifier and I am so thankful that stepping into life with You sets me apart from my past and the desires of the world I live in.  Thank you for calling me according to YOUR purpose so that I may have unshakeable confidence in my future, for I know you have a 100,000 ft. view of my life and have SO much more in store than I could ever plan for myself.

Let every single heart awake to your plan this year, God.  Let people realize that no matter how successful they are in the spectrum of this world, your spectrum is so huge that they will never be deemed successful on their own.  Let them be drawn to the truth that your Son is the only possible way for them to ever find the success that they’re unknowingly chasing. Pursuing Jesus in every action is the only way to ensure true purpose for that action.

You are Healer and I find unexplainable peace in knowing your supernatural abilities.  You make cancer disappear and leave doctors baffled.  You cure people of lifelong diseases that otherwise had no cure.  You heal emotional scars that no amount of time could have ever healed.  You heal me physically, emotionally, and spiritually in ways I would NEVER think possible without you.

Let this be a year of unexplainable, SUPERNATURAL healing.  Let hospitals be filled with miracles.  Let hearts filled with past mistakes, anger, resentment, and guilt be healed and restored in YOU.  Let broken families and marriages be healed and used for YOUR glory.  Let all relationships experience healing and be turned over to fellowship in your kingdom.

You are the Banner of Victory–you are victorious over everything in the past and future. You have overcome the world and through you, I have too.  Nothing can stand in my way because you have already won ever battle and war for me.

I pray that this will be a year when everyone realizes where true victory is found.  I pray everyone knows that they are in the middle of a full-force spiritual war between you and the enemy. If they are not living for you, they are living for the enemy.  They are living for the world. Let hearts be revived and equipped to fight in this spiritual war.  Give everyone weaponry and defense against the temptations and ways of the world.  Let everyone be awakened to the truth that the war is already won.

You are Shepherd. You guide me through every step of my life.  If I lose my way, just as a shepherd chases after his lost sheep, you pursue me relentlessly.  You watch over my every move and remind me when I am straying.

Guide everyone in this world this year, Lord.  Let them know that they are protected, loved, valued, and pursued.  Let them know that you will never leave their side and you want nothing but the ultimate best for their life.  Your best is so much greater than their best.  Help every heart know that.

You are Peace. In every storm, you are my strong tower.  In every size struggle or worry, you bring rest to my soul and provide a calmness and peace that could only be from a supernatural God.  Your comfort comes only from You.

Fill every heart with peace this year, Father.  Calm the storms in every heart and flood them with your presence.  Let everyone know that the peace they will come to experience is from a supernatural God who wants nothing more than for his sons and daughters to be still in his presence.

You are Provider.  No matter where life takes me, when I place my trust in you, I am fully provided for.  You surpass all of my needs and give my heart things I didn’t even know it wanted.  You bless every area of my life through your love and genuine desire for my best interest.

Let everyone be provided for this year, Lord. Let the whole world’s physical needs be met so that their spiritual needs will come to be fulfilled.  Let everyone put their complete trust in you so that they will experience the true power of relying on your blessings.

Lord, let this be a year that TVs are turned off.  Let this be a year that cell phones are put down.  Let this be a year that we stop living for how people perceive us through the internet, and start living for you and the relationships you have so purposefully provided for us in our lives.

Let us stop pursuing the American Dream of creating ourselves from the bottom-up and start pursuing the Gospel–knowing YOU created us from dust and no amount of effort or work ethic will make us great in your kingdom.  Only Jesus, only Jesus.

Let this be a year that consumerism and materialism are supernaturally put to rest.  Let us stop seeking greater, more, and better, and let us start seeking only YOU.  Let us not try to find fulfillment and contentment in new cars, houses, and things. We will fall so short of our goal.  Let us strive for contentment only in Your blessings.

Let this be a year that we stop looking down on people for their pasts and hoping they get what they deserve.  Let this be a year that we begin encouraging everyone and reminding them that they are so loved, and nothing they can do will ever change the love that their God has for them.  Let us start living as we are supposed to when we are made new.

Let this be a year that we stop doing life for ourselves and start putting others first.  You will release so many blessings for living like this, living as you have called us.  Let us realize that true joy is found in bringing joy to others.  Let this be a year that this becomes our lifestyle.

Let this be a year when all the lies that consume people’s hearts and minds are replaced with your Truth.  Let the enemy stop having control, and come into hearts and fill them with your truthful Spirit.  Let people know that they are so worth it; they are so loved; they are so valuable.

God, I am so confident that you answer every prayer.  You answer every prayer with so much more than was ever asked.  This is a year of revival.  Hearts everywhere are going to turn to you and mass restoration is coming.  Lord, you are so great.

In your Son’s glorious name I pray.



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