Confessions of an Ex-Failure

I used to be a huge failure. And the worst part was I didn’t even know it.

I actually thought I was killin’ the game of life.

It was a dangerous place to be: content, motivated, and prideful.

That was until Jesus came in and had his say.

He began to speak into my life and I began to realize that it didn’t matter how many A’s I made, what scholarships I got, how many friends I had, or how fast I could run a mile (actually this was never a place of pride in my life).  It didn’t matter what accomplished, because on my own, I was still a failure.  Nothing I did on my own could bring true meaning or purpose to my life.  Nothing I did could give me life.

But Jesus changed the game.

It finally sank in that without Jesus, I would always fall short (Romans 3:23). But when I joined Jesus’s team, I would always be an overcomer (John 16:33).  Jesus IS the Banner of Victory, and when I put my identity fully in him, I wave the banner with every accomplishment. And get this: even my biggest failures in life are now victories.  In everything, I am victorious because I am in HIM and He IS victory.

So be encouraged.  Be encouraged that every battle of every war has already been won for you on the cross.  Be encouraged that you don’t have to relentlessly work towards purpose for your life.  Be encouraged that you are victorious if you are in the One who has overcome the WORLD. And If you’re not in Him, I truly do pray daily that you will come to be.

Make the best decision of your life if you haven’t already.

Join the winning team.


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