Why College Is Really Not The Best 4 Years of Your Life

The countdown to college begins when you enter the door to your Kindergarten classroom.  It is likely that your whole academic career is spent in anticipation of the day that you will move out and adventure to the sacred and blissful utopia that is referred to as college.

“The best four years of your life.”

“The good times.”

College is great.  There is freedom and a constant surrounding of friends.  There are football games and 3:00 am deliveries from Dominos (and a Freshman 15).  For a great many, there’s a lot more unmentionable activity (*cue the shuddering of the grandma in me*).

If we really think about it, though, saying that college is the best four years of your life is an incredibly depressing concept.  In saying this, we basically imply that the rest of our years are a downhill ride.

How I see it, the best years of our lives begin when we truly grasp what it means to surrender our lives to Jesus; and the days only go uphill from there.  For me, this took place at college.  So I can say college began the best years of my life, but I can also say with confidence that there will not be a four year border placed on these years.

Every day is a day to experience a new closeness and joy in who Jesus is.  Every day is a day to serve Him even more and experience the overwhelming wholeness that accompanies.  Every day continues far beyond a college campus.

So for you, your best years might begin in college.  But maybe they’ll begin in high school. Or maybe when you’re 60 years old.  My hope and prayer is just that they’ll begin.

When we fill generations up with The Best Four Years Myth we imply that the greatest satisfaction comes from a place and not a Person.  We imply that the greatest satisfaction is within the boundaries of a period of time and not eternity.

We turn John 10:10 into “I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly at their university.”

It’s never too early or too late to begin experiencing the best years of our life, and it’s never too early or too late to speak this beautiful Truth into the rising generations.


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