Why The Gospel Is Actually The Bachelor

“God is Chris Harrison and Jesus is the bachelor–the way, the Truth, and the life.” John 22:9.

Kidding. Sorta.

The thought originally came to me during worship.  Here I was: surrounded by hundreds of college-aged students at ONE.  Everyone was standing, worshipping Jesus and professing their love to Him.  It hit me: Jesus is the only person that we can all love without any resulting jealousy.  My best friends and I all love the same man and the only thing it does is bring us together. There are no games to get a one-up.  We are all on a level playing field–a field of incomprehensible love and pursuit.

Jesus is the bachelor and we are all in pursuit of His rose–eternity in His presence. Plot twist, though: we all get one.  Our mere pursuit of Him is enough to win us a final rose.  Bachelor: Jesus Edition is so much better though because there’s no effort or scheming involved.  There’s no backstabbing your peers to make Him send them home.  There’s no flattery to get the rose of the individual date versus the group date (tbh I don’t watch the show so I’m gathering from gossip that this is how it works).

There is also great significance in the rose.  Only Jesus can give the rose. We can’t go out and pick our own rose and gain entry into Heaven. The rose He gives is the narrow gate. We can’t purchase our own rose and we can’t earn it. The love He has for us is the only way for us to get the final roses–which are infinite.

How sweet it is to fall in love with the same man alongside my friends.  How awkward it is to say that.

If you’re interested in casting for the Bachelor, click here.  If that fails for you, run to the unfailing love of Jesus, where you’re guaranteed a rose.

With love,



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