You Too Can Be A Genie

If your inner 90’s girl has ever wanted to be a Genie in a Bottle, now’s your time to shine. From now until March 15th, my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta (University of Alabama), will be fundraising for Magic Moments. Magic Moments is a wish-granting organization for children in Alabama with chronically life-threatening medical conditions. Every year, Alpha Gam has the honor of raising the money to grant the wish of one of these children and, even more excitingly, has the opportunity to meet the child and their family during the wish reveal. Having been a recipient of such a “granted wish” when I battled cancer years ago, I can first-handedly tell you how much joy comes from the product of your donations. Being able to escape the monotony and sterility of the hospital environment and be surrounded by pure fun and love is a one-of-a-kind, life-changing experience. 

Each wish is $4,000 and we are so excited that every donation makes a difference–whether a penny or $10. If you choose to donate or even just spread the word (equally appreciated!!), I can promise you that your love and blessings will bring unforgettable joy to a sweet boy or girl. And how incredible would it be if we could grant the wishes of more than one sweet babe???
To donate, click here and be sure to include “Alpha Gamma Delta, University of Alabama” in the tribute section so it will go to our fund!! Love and appreciate yall so much!!!

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