Why A Struggling College Student Doesn’t Need 12 Bible Verses

In the past day, this article has been flooding my social media:
Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.09.42 PM

While the list of verses is a great list and is full of scriptures that are certainly worth committing to memory, 12 verses are not what a struggling college student needs.

I have no doubt that this article is nothing but good-intentioned and innocent, but it does reveal a bigger problem in Christianity today. Too often, “Christians” look to a verse on a wall, a short devotional on their bedside table, a “Verse of the Day” on their iPhone app, or in this case, a list of 12 Bible verses from the internet, to give them comfort.  They look to seemingly quick-fixes instead of looking to Jesus.  

Life with Jesus is certainly not a quick fix, but it is the only fix.  Only Jesus can give you true strength, comfort, healing, and renewal. Reading a Bible verse won’t cause a miraculous transformation, but pursuing the One who authored the verse will.

Knowing Jesus and intentionally pursuing Him every day is the only way for a college student, and everyone, to get the comfort and wisdom that they so desperately need.

So next time, in addition to looking at the 12 Bible Verses, look to your Creator who loves you and wants nothing more than to make you feel so full and at peace.


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