You’re Broken

You’re broken.

“No I’m not. I’m pretty happy with life actually,” you say.

But unless you’re reading this and you’re not a human, in which case I would love to meet you, you’re broken.

I’m broken. We’re all broken.

Until we realize and accept our brokenness as our natural state, we’ll never leave that state. 

Before we encounter and surrender to Christ, we’re broken and lost. We’re broken and we don’t know hope. We think we can put all our pieces together–if we just work harder, find someone who makes us feel valued and loved, prove ourselves as meaningful to the world. We strive for a mended self, but the truth is we only break ourselves into increasingly smaller pieces. 

After we encounter Christ, experience His power, surrender to His goodness, we’re broken and found. We’ve found hope and we’ve tasted grace. We’ve tasted Grace Himself. Our brokenness has never been as horrifyingly obvious to us as it is in His presence. We leave all our pieces at the feet of the One who has the power to create the most beautiful piece of art out of the most despicable pile of dust. 

But though He may create of us a beautiful piece of art, we still remain pieces. We remain pieces that must surrender daily to His artistry. His work is not done until He calls us Home, and He will progress in His work on us as long as we choose to surrender our pieces.

When we begin to believe that we are no longer broken, that we have been completely put together, that we have become the finished product that He designed us to be, we become useless to the Kingdom. When we don’t believe that we are still broken pieces that have to be turned over to our Artist every hour of every day, we lose the ability to be grown, used, and refined for the glory of His name. 

Remember to bask in your brokenness, for only then will you be able to truly bask in the grace and mercy of the One who gathers your pieces and spends your lifetime making you whole.

“The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.” Psalm 51:17 ESV


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