A letter to PNMs and Actives during Recruitment

Dear PNM’s and Actives,

It’s Tuesday; Ice Water Teas and Philanthropy Round are behind us. We sound like we smoke ten packs a day, our ears are ringing, and door songs are playing on loop in our heads. PNM’s have never been more grateful for air conditioning and actives have never been more grateful for naps. Being surrounded by hundreds of girls (and all their hormones) all day, every day has brought out every kind of emotion, and we’ve done everything we can to suppress them so we can present ourselves in the best way possible.  We’re halfway to Bid Day, and though the days are long, we’re beginning to taste a bit of the sweetness of the end of the week.

As I drove to Walmart last night for some isle-wandering therapy after a full day of door song singing, snaking, talking screaming into girls’ ears, and dancing, I found myself asking God for a new perspective on this week. From the outside, and from an initial viewpoint, Rush appears to be anything but godly. A process that seems to be based purely on judgements is hard to view as impactful to His Kingdom.  But as I looked to the Lord, I was reminded of His great power to turn the most worldly process into something powerfully glorifying of His character.  I was reminded of His sovereignty over every life He created, and my tendency to fall into thinking that my decisions will interfere with His plan.

As “Already There”, in perfect timing, began to play on the radio, I was reminded that the Lord has already made it through this week and is just waiting for everything to unfold as He perfectly designed.

To PNMs:

I don’t know exactly how you’re feeling as you’re going through this week, but I can imagine, based on my experience, it’s a wide range of emotions.  I imagine some of you have been dropped from houses that you loved and are replaying the conversations you had during Ice Water Teas trying to figure out what could have possibly gone wrong.  I imagine some of you are feeling judged and self-conscious.  I imagine some of you got invited back to all the houses you wanted to, and are feeling like you own Recruitment 2015.  I imagine some of you are constantly worrying about being released later in the week.  I imagine most of you are tired. I imagine most of you could go for a gallon of ice cream and some Netflix right about now but that would mean sacrificing precious hours of sleep so you’re refraining.

Whether you’re disappointed, fearful, anxious, excited, or overwhelmed, remember that God’s hand is over this week. Remember that God intricately and intentionally designed the story of your life and He knows exactly what you need, and when you need it.  If you look to Him and ask Him for discernment, He will show you that you have been placed exactly where you are at this very moment to glorify His name and be a vessel of His character. You’ve been carefully placed in your Rho Chi group to love your fellow PNMs, and you’ve been invited back to the houses that you have been for a specific purpose.  Seek the Lord and seek that purpose.

He knows what house you’re going to end up in and He knows that you’re going to be put there for a unique purpose. He knows that, even if you’re released from Recruitment altogether, He has a different purpose for your year in store.

“Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4) Write these words on your heart as you go through the second half of this crazy week. Delight in His Word, His promises, and His presence, and He will put desires in your heart that point to His will for your life.  He will override your plans with His purpose.

From where You’re standing / Lord, You see a grand design / That You imagined / When You breathed me into life / And all the chaos / Comes together in Your hands / Like a masterpiece / Of Your picture-perfect plan / When I’m lost in the mystery / To You my future is a memory (Already There, Casting Crowns)

Bid Day is a memory to God. Recruitment is a memory.  All of the stress, nerves, disappointments, triumphs, mistakes of this week will contribute to the masterpiece of the Lord’s picture-perfect plan for You. Believe in that and rest in that.

To Actives:

God already has your Bid List.  He knows the girls that are going to be standing on your lawn in four days and nothing you do can change that. Instead of trying to manipulate His plan, seek it. Focus on displaying God’s love to every girl that walks in your house and seeing her as a beautiful creation modeled after the Lord Himself.  It’s easy to turn away from this mindset after a conversation that doesn’t go ideally, but renew your mind and heart with an eternal perspective.  You may be the only glimpse of Jesus that a girl sees this week.  Be filled with His joy and be bold in displaying it.

PNMs and Actives, we’re halfway there. Let’s finish with spirits strongly rooted in the Lord and hearts filled with His peace.

He’s already there.


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