No One Fights Alone

Sisters stand by your side no mater what. My Alpha Gam sister, Halle Lindsay, is running for Homecoming Queen at University of Alabama, so stand by her I will.

Apart from being one of the most genuinely joyful people I have ever met, Halle’s accomplishments on this campus make her someone beyond deserving of the title of Homecoming Queen. Homecoming Queen is an honor given to a woman of the University who embodies authenticity and unity–two traits that Halle epitomizes.

Halle’s resume speaks for itself: past-President of Blend (a student-founded organization that unites students of all backgrounds and walks of life), Executive Board member of Alpha Gamma Delta, Inaugural A-Team (an organization that accommodates first-year students’ transition to college) alumni, President of XXXI (an elite women’s honor society), served as a student recruiter, a member of UA for St. Jude, and a Sustained Dialogue facilitator.  Amazingly, these are only a blip of her involvement over the past three years.  But what truly sets Halle apart is not her lengthy list of achievements, honors, and involvements, but her character and true desire to change the world for the better wherever she is given an opportunity.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

Strong and courageous are two of the most fitting words to describe Halle. Courage has been the thread woven throughout her entire college career.  As one of the first black women to integrate the Alabama sorority system, she stepped into a realm of uncomfortableness and uncertainty and stood for what is right.  But it didn’t stop with accepting a bid. Halle has been a true definition of a sister, friend, and leader to our sisterhood. She radiates joy, love, and encouragement, and leads by serving alongside those being led.

The impact Halle has made both within the Greek system and outside of it cannot go unnoticed.  As someone who has close friendships with people in every social circle on campus, her mark has been placed on the entirety of the University.

Even if Halle weren’t my sister, she’d have my full support in this election.  But the fact that she is completely finalizes my decision.  What is a sorority sister if it’s not someone you can count on for support? Sisterhood is where support begins.

With all this being said, I encourage everyone to do their research and vote for the candidate they feel is most deserving.  I encourage everyone to think entirely for themselves and practice voting decision-making skills that will be valuable for the rest of their life.  I encourage everyone to resist outside pressures and stand up for their own beliefs and opinions.  These practices go far beyond a Homecoming Queen election–they demonstrate courage: the very courage Halle has modeled in her time at UA, the courage that transforms you from a follower to a leader.

No one fights alone.

Voting takes place next Tuesday, October 6 from 7:00 am-7:00 pm on myBama.  Regardless of who will be receiving your vote, be sure to vote.


2 thoughts on “No One Fights Alone

  1. Chelsea says:

    As an Alpha Gamma Delta from a different state, this is absolutely heart warming to read. Thank you for helping to perpetuate the importance of EP and for standing up to bullies. You’re both an inspiration and I’m proud to call you sisters. Best of luck with the election!


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