What Are You Doing Here?

While the diversity of humankind is expansive and intense, diversity of the one desire that burns in the heart of every human does not exist. In every heart is the innate desire to be one with the One who fully made, knows, and loves the one in which He dwells.  Whether we realize the object of our longing or not does not negate what it is; who it is; who He is. 

Our awareness of the longing that we have to be in the presence of God should change the trajectory of our lives entirely, but so often we live as if we are blind to the truth.  The truth should cause us to do all that we can to come as close on this earth to His fullness and power as is possible.

God’s presence is most closely achieved through the act of humbling and surrendering ourselves in servitude to Him.  Yet so often we perform menial tasks and self-rescue missions thinking we will be growing closer to oneness with Him, when in reality, we’re only strengthening our dependence on ourselves.  In depending on ourselves more, the only logical result is that we are depending on Him less.  And when dependence is synonymous with unity in the context of The Word, this is a very dangerous cycle to be caught in. 

We wake up early and read our Bibles for fifteen minutes before starting the grind of our days; we attend church services once, or maybe if you’re a gold-star receiving Christian, twice a week; we volunteer in the community; we listen to worship music in the car; we share Christian culture-related articles on Facebook.  We spend our days building our Christian resume as if we will one day stand before the Lord’s throne in an interview, pleading to be the best candidate for the job–or in this case, entrance into eternity in His presence. We long to be with Him, but instead of simply surrendering the control of our lives that keeps us out of it, we work harder; we act kinder; we do better.

The truth is, the things we so often do to try to fulfill our desire for the Lord could be done without even knowing who He is or what He has done for us.  It doesn’t take someone who has tasted the goodness of Grace and been redeemed by the blood of Jesus to clean up his act and start doing more good.  It doesn’t take someone who has seen the greatness of a heart made new by the Creator of the Universe to be a nicer guy or sweeter girl.  It doesn’t take someone who has understood the power of being bought with a huge price to get dressed up on Sunday and head to church.  It does take someone who has been washed by the blood of the Savior of the world to surrender their heart–their entire life–to Him, though.  

Our calling for our life is so simple, yet impossible without accepting that we must surrender to Jesus. He told us that in order to save our life, we must lose it, and only when we lose it will we find it in Him. (Matt. 16:25)  Only when we release the grip on our plans for our future will we be able to experience all that He has designed for us to carry out in His plan.  Only when we let go of all that we think is best for us will we hear Him calling us closer and closer to true fulfillment.

The problem with holding onto control of our lives is the state of our heart that results.  When things go our way, our heart is content and prideful because of the work we did in life to get to where we are.  Instead, when we are living fully surrendered to God’s perfect plan, and we experience triumph, our heart is in a posture of thanksgiving and worship–a posture that we are called to live in every day of our lives.

The present is as close as you’ve ever been to eternity.  Are you going to spend the present trying to control the future that you ultimately have no say in, or are you going to humble yourself and serve so that you get just a taste of what your eternity will be like?  Are you going to work on making great your name and legacy on earth, or are you going to make disciples of all nations and save your fellow creations of God from eternal grief?

The desire burns strongly in our hearts for a reason.  The Creator who knit you together in your mother’s womb intentionally placed it there for your good.  He knew that only in surrender would you begin to quench the flames, and only in surrender would your life reach the potential that He designed for it.  The choice is yours and mine–we can choose to scatter droplets of water on the fire with our good deeds and Christian culture activities, or we can choose to douse the fire by picking up our cross daily, not being fearful of going where we’ve never been, and not being afraid to lose it all for His name.

It’s your desire. It’s my desire. It’s the desire of every man and woman who has ever been and will ever be.  The question is: what are you doing here to fulfill that desire?


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