In The Surrender

This morning at 3 am, on my way home for Spring Break, I found myself on a spontaneous detour to the beach to visit friends.  I finished my fourth cup of coffee and turned up my “staying awake playlist” even louder as I continued driving along the dark, winding roads towards the beach house where my friends awaited. I saw occasional palm trees lining the road and took note of some unique looking restaurants that were lit up along the drive, but for the most part, I was focused on the lines painted on the road directly ahead of me.

I arrived at the house, enjoyed a quick visit, and after watching the sunrise on the beach, left to continue my drive home.  As I retraced the drive I had driven just a few hours prior, I was taken aback by what was before me.  The road that I was driving on was paved along the edge of a gorgeous coastline–a vast display of beautifully blue ocean waters.  Just three hours earlier I had been driving on this exact road, my surroundings completely unknown to me.  In this moment of admiring the beauty that was so perfectly painted around me, I couldn’t help but realize how often this is the method by which I go about my days.

How often do we go through our life in the dark, focused on the lines ahead of us as we determinedly press onward to our pre-programmed destination? How often do we miss the beauty that God has given us to walk in because we are too caught up in the to-do list that we have sworn to complete? How often do we become so entangled in our goals and visions that we forget to ask God to reveal His to us?

In the midst of our monotony, we close our eyes to the unpredictable and dynamic picture that is being painted around us.

In the midst of our trials, we are blind to the glorious victories being woven together beneath the surface of our days.

In the midst of our one-track pursuits, we miss the paths of blessing and opportunity that are being paved around our every direction.

We are called to continuously seek Him, yet we continuously seek what is immediately ahead of us.  Our command is so simple yet so often disregarded.

What if we were to pray for eyes opened to the beauty being unveiled around us?  What if, in our trials, we looked immediately to the Creator of all that is good? What if we surrendered our monotony to a pursuit of unpredictability and adventure–the pursuit of Jesus Himself?  What if we stopped paving the roads ahead of us and asked for wisdom of the One who sees our future as a memory?

In the surrender, I foresee an unveiling of a beauty far greater than we could ever imagine for our own lives.

In the surrender, I foresee a perfect story full of trials, triumphs, and ultimate glory for the Author who penned each page.

In the surrender, I foresee a sunrise over oceans once masked in darkness.

It all starts with the surrender.


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