Hey yall,

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My name’s Xan Nicola, and I’m a 21-year-old student at The University of Alabama. RTR.

As you journey through this blog you are getting an honest gaze into my own personal adventure of pursuing Jesus. Every day I learn more about Him and myself and occasionally I’ll write about it. Sometimes I’ll have it wrong. Sometimes, by God’s grace, I’ll have it right. Regardless, I invite you to join me on my adventure and pray that if you haven’t already, you will start an adventure of your own.

Recently, the Lord has been revealing to me the importance of being in tune with what in my life stirs my affections towards Him.  In order to do this, I spent some time in quiet with my journal, making a list of experiences that cause me to feel the sovereignty, peace, and beauty of our Creator. I’ve decided to share my list so as to hopefully inspire you to examine your own relationship with the Lord, and ask Him to reveal those unique experiences in which He’s wired you to feel affections for Him.

1. Early mornings   2. Marriage  3. Hot, black coffee  4. Hosea  5. “You’re Beautiful” -Phil Wickham  6. Fishing in the a.m. in my backyard at home  7. Driving at night with worship music  8. Bonfires in the woods  9. Laying under covers during a storm  10. “Man of Sorrows” -Hillsong  11. Mountains  12. Sunrises

Just as I was uniquely knit together in my mother’s womb with distinct pleasures that stir my heart towards Jesus, so were you, and I truly encourage you to discover and pursue these pleasures.  Never cease to engage in what provokes you to take delight in Him.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me with anything. I truly mean that and love hearing each of your questions and stories.

With so much love,

Xan Nicola


May 2016

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